September 27, 2018

Office Appointment

1. If you have assets above £325,000

2. If you would like to discuss your situation with professionals in detail

3. If you do not understand the basics of Islamic Inheritance

4. If you have children from previous relationships

5. If you have a business

6. If you have disabled children

7. If you are based in or around London

What this entails…

  • Click through and complete the instruction form
  • Select payment
  • Farani Taylor will call organise your meeting to discuss your situation, run through your options and organise your Will.
  • Farani Taylor may discuss other products with you
  • Farani Taylor Solicitors will prepare your documents
  • Your Will is checked and sent to you


Would you like a Single Islamic Will for yourself?



Would you like a Mirror Islamic Will for yourself and your partner?