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Our Islamic Wills department provides a professional and confidential Shariah compliant Will writing and Estate Planning service.

Our legal team has over 40 years’ experience

We specialise in Shariah compliant Islamic Wills, Estate Planning, Lasting Power of Attorney, Inheritance Management and Probate.

As Muslims we have an obligation that Allah has bestowed upon us to ensure we have a Will in place prior to our death.

Making a Will is something that we often delay in our minds as we do not want to think about our inevitable death. However, it is essential to have a secure Islamic Will, which ensures that your wealth is distributed as prescribed in the Quran.

Let us help you fulfil your Islamic duty. Call our Islamic Wills department today on 020 7242 1666 to book a FREE 30 minutes consultation.

Islamicwills.co.uk is the marketing name for our Islamic Wills department at Farani Taylor Solicitors.

Farani Taylor Solicitors is a leading law firm. We have offices located in the city of London and Ilford. Our business ethos is to help people by offering expertise across a wide range of legal services. We pride ourselves on our professional and approachable manner.

Why Choose Us

Free Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

Fixed Fees

We offer fixed fee plans, that are transparent, so you know exactly how much each service will cost.


We offer a range of service options to tailor to your individual needs when creating your Will.


Document Storage

We can store your Islamic Will documents at no additional cost.

Act as Executors

Our firm can act for you as your professional Executors if you desire.


Our legal team has over 40 years’ experience in Islamic Wills.

Meet Our Founder

Our Founder and Head of Islamic Wills, Zahur Chowdhry, has been offering estate planning advice for over 30 years. He is an expert in Islamic Inheritance, the knowledge of which he shares to Mosques, colleagues and clients.

Zahur’s vision is to educate and empower his clients to make the right decisions in regards to inheritance planning. He believes that a Muslim should not miss out on tax exemptions because they have an Islamic Will.

Zahur has partnered with inheritance experts like Shaykh Sulaiman Gani and other Muftis, that can ensure that the correct distribution according to Shariah principles is met.

Zahur offers a free initial consultation, in which he will discuss your needs and make suggestions on appropriate planning. He has been pivotal in winning numerous contracts including those with the East London Mosque, Muslim Aid and Barking Mosque, where he ensures access to legal and Shariah compliant Islamic Wills. 

Zahur Chowdhry – Founder of IslamicWills.co.uk & Head of Islamic Wills at Farani Taylor Solicitors

Shariah Adviser:
Shaykh Sulaiman Gani


Shaykh Suliman Gani completed his Hifz in South Africa whilst he was young and pursued his Islamic Studies in Pakistan. Having studied there for a period of 3 years, he was accepted at Al Azhar University in Egypt where he studied for 2 years. He later pursued his studies at Madinah University for an additional 4 years, graduating from the faculty of Hadith. Shaykh Sulaiman completed an MA in Islamic Studies from SOAS University, London.

He also has presented for Islam Channel and Emaan TV, and has a regular programme called Reflections on Sky’s Iqra TV.

The Shaykh’s interests and hobbies include moon sighting, and travel to places such as Turkey, Morocco, Oman, Jordan and UAE. He is also a regular Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimage Guide.

Islamic Will Adviser:

We are honored to have Shaykh Sulaiman Gani as our Shariah Adviser. He has authenticated that our Islamic Wills are in accordance with Islamic Inheritance. 

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Islamicwills.co.uk is a marketing name for our Islamic Wills Department at Farani Taylor Solicitors.
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